Replenish Your Property With Native Grasses

Partner with us for natural grass planting services in Wimberley, TX

Much of Central Texas was once vast, open grassland. If you own property in the Wimberley, TX area, consider seeding your land with native grasses. Greater Wimberley Construction, Inc. is passionate about native grass planting initiatives. We can help you clear out invasive species of cedar or juniper and promote our natural ecosystem.

Our mulching services can turn invasive cedar into a layer of nutrients for your soil. Mulching also reduces erosion and provides a protective cover for new growth.

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Learn the key benefits of re-seeding with native grass

Learn the key benefits of re-seeding with native grass

Wondering why it's important to promote natural grasses on your property? There are real benefits you should consider. Planting natural grass will:

  • Benefit native birds and wildlife
  • Produce healthier livestock
  • Eliminate the need for excessive fertilization
  • Increase land value
Water conservation is important in Texas and throughout the Western plains. Natural grasses are acclimated to our climate and require less water to grow. If you're interested in our re-seeding services, contact us today to discuss your options.